Corpus Christi (KIII News) — It has been six months since the Corpus Christi Police Department started using unmarked stealth cars to catch speeders and distracted drivers on the roads.

The program has already proved to be successful. In the middle of the day, a truck was caught on dash cam video going well over 100 mph along SPID.

"We've all seen this, and we've all wished, 'Where are the cops when you need them?'" CCPD Lt. Chris Hooper said.

What the driver didn't know is that he had just blown past a CCPD stealth car -- until the officer flipped on the unit's lights and siren.

"His driving, in addition to being very fast, he changed multiple lanes in front of other drivers with very little drivers, whether he used his signal or not," Hooper said.

The officer used the department's newest tool, an unmarked unit, aimed at cracking down on dangerous and distracted drivers.

"When you drive around in a marked police car you don't see violations. Very few violations are going to occur in front of a marked police car. Some of the most dangerous behavior we've seen has been documented from these unmarked cars. They are extremely effective to target the worst case scenario," Hooper said.

The stealth program was approved for use by City Council late in 2017, with the cars going into service in February. Since the start, the unmarked cars have been used to catch drivers talking or texting on cell phones, speeding and even running red lights.

"We've got yellow, and red, and now someone blows the red next to us," Hooper said.

Officers aren't the only ones impressed by the success of the program. The department has received plenty of positive feedback. The first video posted by the CCPD of their stealth car in action quickly racked up hits.

"It has over 4 million views," Hooper said. "Ultimately we will catch up with you and put your video on our social media platforms if that is what it takes."

For safety reasons, the stealth cars only operate during daylight hours, and there will always be a uniformed police officer working the vehicle.

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