Corpus Christi police are working to squash rumors of wholesale looting in the city following Hurricane Harvey's landfall this weekend.

Police said they have arrested about half a dozen burglary suspects caught in the act while breaking into homes and businesses, many of those arrests made with the help of citizens who were watching out for their neighbors.

However, Lt. John Hooper with the Corpus Christi Police Department said the rumors of looting urged panic among citizens, resulting in a number of calls to police.

"We have had isolated incidents of theft and burglary during the storm and after the storm, but by no means does that fit the definition of 'looting,'" Hooper said. "Looting is mobs of people totally devastating and emptying businesses."

Hooper said the Nueces County District Attorney has promised the harshest penalties for anyone caught committing such thefts in connection with the hurricane.