ROCKPORT, Texas — Many are heading to Rockport, Texas, for their beaches this Spring Break, but there's another attraction their that has been catching peoples attention.

During this time of year, the Rockport Cemetery is covered in wildflowers. Some in Rockport are calling it "Heaven on Earth."

"Flowers are popping up all around you," said Sandy Jumper with the Rockport Chamber of Commerce. "It's like new life in a place of rest."

The City of Rockport has placed the gravesite as one of there 51 top attractions. Jumper said people are confused when they read that.

"'Why would you put cemeteries on your 51 things to do?' Well, as you can see, this is why," Jumper said. "It's absolutely beautiful."

Tasha Wilson couldn't agree more.

"The flowers are gorgeous. My mom's always wanted to take a drive out here, take some pictures," Wilson said.

Wilson said the wildflowers exceeded her mom's expectation. She said they are breathtaking.

Ginger Winchester is a lover of flowers -- some might even call her an expert.

"I have seen wine cups, coreopsis, flocks, daises," Winchester said. "I have seen blooming nettle."

The Rockport Cemetery is for flower enthusiasts of all ages. If you want to see the flowers up close, be sure to visit the cemetery before the end of spring.