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City council cracking down on spaying and neutering of pets

City Council is proposing an intact animal permit which will cost $100 a year.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The city of Corpus Christi is attempting to address too many strays on the streets.

City council will be proposing a mandatory spay and neuter order on animals unless owners have an intact animal permit.

Cheryl Martinez, president of People Assisting Animal Control also known as PAAC, told 3NEWS that this proposal that will be discussed this week, and can save thousands of animals if approved.

"Spaying and neutering is the answer, we can adopt, we can transport, we can do everything, but rescues are overwhelmed right now." Martinez said.

The intact animal permit will cost $100 a year. An intact animal is one that is unaltered or unsterilized.

"If you are a responsible breeder, and you have two sets of puppies a year and you have two litters of kittens, if you're responsible, you're going to give them their shots. So, that's going to cost more than a $100 right there," Martinez explained.

According to the city's proposal, unless a person has an intact pet permit, a person commits an offense if they own, or keep a dog or cat that's over six months of age that is intact. 

Martinez said, "If we don't get a handle on this, we already have a huge issue so let's start to make some changes and be proactive so that we can start to see some changes in our community."

Martinez told 3NEWS that some breeders are selling animals without concern of the animals' healthcare. She said, "You have also puppies being sold in stores or kittens. Unfortunately, they don't have the healthcare that they need. Where you can go into any rescue or shelter and adopt an animal where they're fully vetted and have gotten care." 

Martinez doesn't feel this proposal will discourage those wanting to rescue animals. She added, "For anybody that rescues a pet, that's normally one of the first things they do is spay and neuter them. So, I don't feel that's going to be an issue. It's not going to stop people from rescuing. What it's going to hopefully do, is help some of these rescues overwhelmed trying to look for fosters." 

City council will be meeting this week to discuss the animal permit proposal.

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