BEEVILLE, Texas — City officials in Beeville said they are one step closer to solving that city's ongoing problems with the water supply.

The City of Beeville has undergone two mandatory water boils within just weeks of each other this summer.

What city officials hope to accomplish is to give residents clean drinking water.

In July,  Beeville went under two water boils because of concerns that the chlorine levels in the cities water supply became dangerously low. 

According to the city manager for Beeville, the city is still working with some ancient pipes with some being 80-years old. The old pipes are the reason for lower than normal chlorine levels. 

"For us to ensure that we don't get anything below 0.5 we're going to have to modernize. We're gonna have to invest some money into the system itself," city manager Joe Montez said.  "We have some funding ourself. From our own fund balances that we charge the water rate and we accumulate those funds, and we have some funds that have been set aside from the city's capital program."

Tuesday's  Beeville City Council meeting was the first step for the city to move forward with a comprehensive plan to deal with the ongoing water problems.

The city received help getting their water supply back on track from the City of Corpus Christi.

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