CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Despite the ongoing construction of two affordable housing projects, housing managers in Corpus Christi say there is still a significant shortage and that we have a crisis because of it.

The Avanti at Greenwood apartment complex is one of two projects for affordable housing going up this year. The City has seen a lot of construction of both apartments and single-family homes, but a shortage of affordable housing continues.

Rudy Betancourt, the director of housing and community development for the City, said we need at least 200 new apartments a year to handle our growth. Because of the costs involved, the only way developers can build affordable housing is with substantial tax credits issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, but he said that is limited.

"Right now we have two that are being constructed," Betancourt said. "It would be great if there could be more. At least, let's say three or four at a time but the way the housing tax credits work, they typically award one or two projects at a time."

Betancourt said another project under construction is the Samuel Place Apartments on Carroll Lane, but they are remodeling existing apartments. Also, he said the waiting lists for affordable housing are generally at or above 100, so they are being taken as quickly as they're built.

Another project currently being constructed is the Village at Henderson just off South Staples. Both construction projects are expected to be done by year's end.

The City said the best case scenario would be two projects per year for the next several years.