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City of Corpus Christi looks into running RV Park in Mathis

Top city officials now believe the venture is losing money, and they are trying to find a way to turn things around.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The City of Corpus Christi has been operating an RV Park at Lake Corpus Christi since 2008. 

Top city officials now believe the venture is losing money, and they are trying to find a way to turn things around.

City Manager Peter Zanoni says that city staff and some of the councilmembers are going to head down to Sunrise Beach at Lake Corpus Christi to take a look at the property and see precisely what's been going on.

"One thing is we want to have great city facilities whether it's an RV Park or a park but two we want to make sure we're getting the rate when we lease something out we don't want to waste money and abuse ratepayers money," Zanoni said. 

Councilman Greg Smith owns the Pioneer RV Park in Port Aransas. He is going to help with trying to figure out a solution to whether or not the city should continue running an RV park or whether it should try and find a private company to run the place.

"The people are staying there a long time, so for the City of Corpus Christi, is that our charge? Is to provide a mobile home type park for long term housing so that's something we need to discuss with city management and the council and that's what that park has turned out to be," Smith said. 

3News went out to Lake Corpus Christi at Sunrise RV Park and almost immediately ran into someone who was getting out of the place permanently.

"We've been staying here over the past seven years we come every summer this trailer belongs to a friend that's moving out because the rent got way too high here, so she's moving somewhere else," Puentes said. 

Now beginning on Feb. 1, the RV Park is raising its rates with a $75 weekly jump and a $100 monthly increase.

"We got to make sure that the business we're in is a campground for entertainment enjoy the beach and not just an inexpensive residential setting for year-round operation for year after year," Mayor Joe McComb said

Zanoni believes that by March 10, he will have all the information he needs to go back to City Council so it can decide if it wants to stay in the RV park business or not.   

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