Please stand and rise for our national anthem or don't, but it could cost you your job.

Dozens of NFL football players kneeled this Sunday during the national anthem, and President Trump is not happy about it.

And neither are local Texas players, one area football coach is speaking out to KIII News as this is a personal issue for him.

"Please stand remove your hats," these words heard over the loudspeaker before the national anthem at Sunday’s NFL football games.

But many players doing the exact opposite, taking a stand against President Trump.

And watching those players kneel during our country's anthem has Ray High School Football Coach, Craig Carlton disappointed. He said, "Well the national spotlight turned again this week on the NFL where players have used the anthem as a platform of protest."

Charlton continued “If these kids if these players are taking a knee on the sideline, would they stand up for our country in a war?"

He also said taking a knee is a call for attention, not change and disrespects the country and those who fought for it, like his father in the Vietnam War.

Coach Carlton continues, “We want guys standing up for our country and we want to believe in our country.”

Charlton said it's not that he doesn't agree with change, but believes there are better and more effective ways to get it done.

“Our society needs to change a lot of things but we do it through voting, you do it through marches and ideals,” Charlton said.

He also said that none of his players have ever expressed concern about standing for the national anthem and he doesn't ever expect them to.

His goal, to spread that Texas pride beyond state lines.

Celebrating the freedom to be able to play football at all. Coach Charlton hoping the focus can get back to the game itself, something that should unite instead of divide.

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