CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Farmers around the Coastal Bend are saying cotton yields look promising this year, but that might not be enough.

Larry Mokry has 1,200 acres of cotton that needs to be harvested. He's been farming for 40 years and said compared to last year, his cotton yields this year look great. He attributes part of his good results to mother nature, and another part to science.

"I tried some foliar fertilizer, one of them called Surge Pro, and it really did help my cotton this year," Mokry said.

A good cotton crop is fuller and heavier, according to Mokry. When it comes down to it, the cotton needs to weigh more in order for farmers to get more bang for their buck. Mokry said that's even more important now than ever before because prices of cotton are down due to trade tariffs.

Mokry said last year, cotton was going for about 70-cents per pound, but this year, he said they'll be lucky to get around 60-cents per pound.

Mokry said he hopes his rounds of cotton start to add up because each one weighs about 2,000 pounds.

The majority of cotton should be harvested in Nueces County by the end of August.

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