CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Coastal Bend couple came to the rescue Saturday night when high school seniors from Ben Bolt were on their way to prom and their limousine broke down in Corpus Christi.

"Whether it's a good memory or a bad memory you're gonna remember your prom, and we didn't want them to have a negative memory of their prom," Christina Parks said. 

"It was my first prom. I definitely won't forget it, and it made for a really good prom story," Jewel Utley said. 

On Saturday, 14 Ben Bolt High School students were headed to prom, but on their way to their dinner reservations their limo broke down on SPID in Corpus Christi.

"We had to get out. Stand there on the highway in the heat and our tuxes and dresses," AJ Arellano said. 

Jacob and Christina Parks were looking for a place to eat for their 17th wedding anniversary when they saw a group of teens sitting on the side of the highway, so they made a U-turn.

"The first thing that came to mind was 'oh my gosh their hair and their makeup. They must have put so much effort into this.' I was like we gotta stop," Parks said. "I was like 'hey we have room for six in the back who wants to get in.'"

The couple was able to take their new passengers to the restaurant.

"We didn't know what we were gonna eat so we said might as well eat here," Jacob Parks said. 

The couple ate separately but couldn't forget the kids they met.

"We have four kids of our own, and I know if one of my children we were stranded somewhere I'd need to know what's going on," Christina Parks said. 

The seniors found out their limo wasn't going to be fixed on time so the Parks made a plan. While the group was eating their dessert, the Parks were finding solutions.

"In the middle of our meal the waitress came out with these platters of cake, and she said the people that helped y'all out, they bought this for you. So we were like 'oh that's so cool,'" Arellano said. "He ended up contacting a limo company, and sure enough they said ya."

The Parks got the seniors a new limo.

"Even just to go the extra mile and pay for their limo by paying for their limousine. I'm just forever grateful," mother Marisa Trevino said. 

 The seniors may have been fashionably late, but they made it to their prom an hour away in Alice. 

"Thank you for everything they did for us. It'll be something I'll never forget,"  Brian Gutierrez said. 

As a thank you, the seniors paid for the Parks anniversary dinner.

"At the end, he said sorry we didn't get to do anything, and I was like this was better," Parks said.