CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The impact of the fire at Notre Dame is far-reaching the Coastal Bend.

A musician in Corpus Christi tells 3News he had the honor of playing at Notre Dame on its grande organ back when he was a teenager.

News of the fire left musician Lee Gwozdz devastated.

Under the roof at First Presbyterian, the same powerful chords struck by Gwozdz not only resonated within the walls but also in his memory.

"All I could do was say that is what heaven should sound like," Gwozdz said. 

Gwozdz had a rare opportunity to play the grand organ at Notre Dame when he was just 15 years old.

"It's such a huge, a monster of an instrument which has centuries of great history on it, over 8-thousand pipes," Gwozdz said. 

After Gwozdz learned of the massive fire at the cathedral, the images were hard to watch. Gwozdz was concerned about the church's rich history and the vast treasures inside including the grand organ.

"The organ had the protection of the two bell towers, I just read before this interview, the rose window and the organ are still up, I don't know if the pipes melted or water damage," Gwozdz said. 

Although the damage at the cathedral, Gwozdz knows that music will flow through the iconic church once again because of the countless lives impacted and the determination to rebuild.