CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Federal Food and Drug Administration is warning tattoo parlors and their customers about a recent recall of contaminated inks. 

According to the FDA, the products in question are tainted with bacteria.

High Tide Tattoo near South Alameda and Texan Trail carry a couple of the brands recalled but had none of the tainted products.

According to owner Austin Rose, he found out about the tainted ink when a friend sent him an article.

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The FDA has recalled specific batches of Dynamic Color, Scalpaink ink, and Solid Ink-Diablo.

When Rose saw the recall, he quickly checked the lot numbers on the products he had and said none were the ones that were recalled. 

Rose is thankful that his ink is safe but also shocked that the ink companies didn't call or tell him about the recall.

"There were microorganisms in the ink which means that they could have gotten a disease. What diseases they didn't release they just said microorganisms," Rose said. 

According to Rose, every day, he sanitizes everything in his shop, and his priority is for his clients to have the best experience.

The FDA  asks if you do visit your tattoo artist make sure to ask them about the ink they carry and make sure it is none of the ones recalled.

The FDA is still working with the manufacturers and retailers to remove the contaminated ink from the market.

Anyone who has had infection symptoms or an injury after getting a tattoo should talk to their doctor and let their tattoo artist.