The first ever official Pride parade was in Corpus Christi on Saturday.

Not only did the parade have more participants than expected but the Bayfront was lined with spectators to watch.

Kiii Reporter Briana Whitney was there and has a look at it all.

Victor Earnhart said, "it makes me so happy that we bring our friends our family our loved ones and coming together as one".

The parade featured several LGBT groups along with local churches, dance teams, dinosaurs, cosplayers, rainbow poodles and the pride pug.

The main goal of the parade was unity and that meant including people from every background.

Grand Marshal Korbin "Boomer' Matthews said, "Corpus Christi is a very religious community and there's not an exclusivity to religion or being a part of the LGBT community, there is a middle ground and there are plenty of people who fall into that".

A colorful Bayfront helps make year one a success.