CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A committee is wanting to know what the overtime policy means for Corpus Christi city employees and whether it's being enforced correctly.

"In the fiscal year 2018, the overtime budget was 9.5 and exceeded the budget 13.6." City Councilmember Greg Smith said.

The city's audit committee is looking into whether it's overtime policy is working or if it's lacking.

The audit committee wants to know if the city management is ensuring that overtime for all of its employees. The committee wants to know if overtime is authorized, justified, and precisely who is monitoring the overtime. 

"They're looking at from department by department basis, and instead of waiting till after the fact we were told today that management would be looking at overtime monthly.  So they'll be watching it very closely," Smith said. 

The big push for oversight in the area is because overtime for Corpus Christi city employees has doubled over the last seven years. 

City leaders hope to cut back on some of the overtime hours by adding more staffing where needed.

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