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Corpus Christi City Council approves funding for new LED signs

More than $150,000 worth of funding was spent on the project to minimize the harm to pedestrians on walkways.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Students can expect to see some new and improved signs around their schools this year. 

The Corpus Christi City Council has approved funding for 22 flashing LED signs. The project is in an effort to improve safety for kids walking on busy streets in school zones. 

City Council member Ben Molina said that the decision was made based on in depth research surrounding major problem areas throughout the city. 

"We have done studies with our traffic engineering department that show that these are the areas that have the highest impact and the best use for these signs," Molina said. "And we hope that as we move forward, we can approve more money in the future for addition signs throughout the rest of the city and our school districts."

City council approved more than $150,000 in funding for the school zone sings and 43 additional signs in high traffic areas. Its an idea that CCISD Police Chief Kirby Warnke said will help prevent speeding. 

"I don't think there's ever an intentional act," Warnke said. "Sometimes people are just on their way to get to work, dropping off their kid, and something that brings them back that hey, this is a school zone. Let them know so that way they can drive the appropriate speed to keep everybody safe."

The new signs come as a the city continues it's Vision Zero Project, which Molina started in an effort to improve pedestrian and cyclist availability and safety. There will also be stand alone signs that are strategically placed to capture drivers attention. 

"With these older signs, a lot of times people get used to their driving habits and their patterns," Molina said. "And with these news signs in their new locations, they're not going to be too far off from their existing locations and so we hope that's really going to grab people's attention as they're approaching the school speed limit zone and raise that awareness."

With shorter days in winter, the LED lighting should help both the students and drivers who are making their commutes around the city. 

"During daylight savings it might not be an issue, but we just entered standard time and it's still dark when some of these students are traversing the streets and going into the school zones," Warnke said. "So an illuminated sign is going to help identify the school zone area."

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