The City of Corpus Christi is closing the Emergency Operations Center due to the passing of the threat of freezing rain.

While freezing temperatures continue throughout South Texas, city officials say residents should take precautions to protect people, pets, and plants.

Pets and potted plants should be brought inside for adequate shelter, while outside plants should be covered. Experts say larger plants can be covered with fabric, old bed sheets, or burlap. For best results, drape the cover over a frame to keep it from touching the foliage.

Billy Delgado, Emergency Operations Coordinator says though the City EOC is deactivating city officials and public safety officers will continue to monitor weather and road conditions. "We appreciate the public taking precautions and observing winter weather advisories. By planning and activating emergency plans, we can avoid the loss of life and property when weather hazards are present."

Freezing weather is expected to continue until 12 p.m. Wednesday with another light freeze Wednesday night.