CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Dozens of people in Corpus Christi lined Cole Park to say their against the detention centers  along the U.S and Mexico border.
Chloe Torres is a community organizer and a part of the protest.

We believe that migration is a human right especially if people are escaping violence, poverty and crisis of climate,’ Torres said.

Torres compared the detention centers to concentration camps and protester Kris Behm said she agreed.

There is a number of people that are not being treated like human beings and we need to stand up for those people because they're trying to stand up for themselves but we've got to use our voice too,’ Behm said.

What many of the protesters said they found fault with is the children being separated from their families after they cross the border and the poor conditions of the facilities they stay in.

“They're sick,” Lorena Kolasinski, protester said. “They're not getting medical treatment and it's just really bad for the children.”

Kolasinski said it's not only physically unhealthy for the children but mentally.

“As a mother I don't think they should be treated so harshly,” she said. “They're only kids they should not be separated from their parents.”

Torres said she feels people think these conditions are OK because the law says so, but she said that doesn't always mean it's right.

“We want people to understand that slavery was legal, apartheid was legal, Jim Crow was legal, so legality is largely a matter of power it's not a matter of morality,” she said.

Torres said the Corpus Christi immigration coalition will be hosting a meeting July 31st at Delmar College to talk about what more they can do.