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Corpus Christi nurses make shift to aesthetics industry

With a more stable work-life balance and higher pay, many nurses are staring to make the transition into the aesthetics industry.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Area nurses are starting to turn their expertise to a more desired healthcare occupation -- aesthetics. 

With a more stable work life balance and higher pay, Assistant Clinical Professor for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Stephanie Smith said many nurses are starting to leave the hospital setting. 

"I think the pandemic has contributed to widespread nursing burnout, nursing shortages, and opened up conservation about nursing dynamics in the institutions they're working in," she said. 

Smith said a combination of those factors has led nurses to seek other opportunities in their field -- like being a cosmetic injector.   

"There has been a huge transition of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, PA's, wanting to cross over into the aesthetics world," she said. 

Margo Gonzalez Hussey is a board certified nurse practitioner and owner of Aspire Aesthetics. She decided to make the leap of faith after years of working in primary care clinics in Corpus Christi.

"A big factor for me was having my first child, wanting to have a home-work balance, and wanting control over my schedule," she said. 

Hussey said when she opened her practice and began hiring -- there were around 25-30 registered nurses wanting to join her. 

"While people look at this as a fun setting to work in, there are dangers that come with it and complications that can come with it," she said.

While Smith encourages anyone to follow their interests into the aesthetics industry, she said she hopes they respect the field and are truly invested in helping others. 

"We want people interested in becoming a nurse to consider all of their options but consider what brought them to the plate of considering being a nurse in the first place," Smith said.


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