CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Corpus Christi police officers have new equipment to take with them on patrol -- state of the art body cameras. 

Corpus Christi police will now have 180 body cameras to record just about everything an officer sees or does on the job.

The new cameras have a 160x110 viewing angle and can record up to twelve hours of video at a time.

The body cameras cost the city several hundred-thousand-dollars and a portion of the cameras cams purchased through federal grants. 

According to police, every patrol officer from a lieutenant down will have a body camera, and at the beginning of their shifts the officers will check the camera's out from the docking station, and then a lieutenant will sync it to their patrol car.

Officers said the camera will help with successful prosecution and transparency.

"You know we have nothing to hide. You know we have nothing to hide. We can show the real-life emotions in family violence cases or shootings. What it's like when we are arriving so that way a jury can see what we see,"  Capt. Patrick McMenamy said. 

The body cameras are magnetic and easy to put on or take off.

The body cameras are especially helpful if officers have to get physical with a suspect. The suspect won't be able to pull or take control of the officer by pulling their body cam. 

Police said the body cameras take about three hours of charging to upload twelve hours of video.

If you want to get access to the body cameras videos, you have to file open records request with the police department.

According to police, the recordings of the body camera will be kept depending on the circumstances of the crime.