Online publication published a non-scientific ranking of the best- and worst-run cities in America. Corpus Christi was ranked 36th out of 150 U.S. cities, ranked just below Tucson, Az., and 25 ranks above Austin.

The publication states that it can be difficult to rank the quality of city leadership, but they said they can determine the city’s operating efficiency by comparing the quality of city services with their spending habits.

Residents tired of bad streets and water boil advisories had serious questions about the study.

"I'm glad it's good, but I sort of wonder what they rank it from. Like what other cities did they compare it to?" Maria Guerrero said. "They must really be real bad."

WalletHub ranked 150 cities’ services and compared them with their total budget per capita. Corpus Christi ranked 89th in quality of city services, but scored a high 24 on total budget per capita.

The study also breaks down quality of city services into multiple factors including financial stability, education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution. Corpus Christi was ranked in these factors as follows:

Financial stability - 76

Education - 49

Health - 126

Safety - 68

Economy - 56

Infrastructure and pollution - 120

Out of 150 cities, this puts Corpus Christi pretty high in education, but at the bottom end of the pool of cities when it comes to health, and not much better in terms of infrastructure and pollution.

One thing to note while digging through the numbers is Corpus Christi’s 24 rank when it comes to total budget per capita. While services in this city are ranked at 89 — compared to 80 in Dallas and a high 7 in Austin — the budget ranking puts Corpus Christi above both Dallas and Austin. Austin’s rank for total budget per capita is a low 95, and in Dallas it’s 89.

You can check out WalletHub’s findings here.

Of course, City officials were delighted at the news.

"That is pretty exciting, because we have been on the sore end of some of these rankings, I guess you could say, in the past," Councilman Michael Hunter said, "but you know, being above average is great, but we can always do better."

"With all the negative publicity that we've had, this is a great thing that has happened and I think we have been working very hard the last few City Councils, so I think we're turning it around," Councilwoman Carolyn Vaughn said. "I think you're seeing some changes."

"That's a feather in Ms. Rose's cap and our staff," Mayor Joe McComb said. "Our goal is going to be number one, but that's great."

Most everyone 3News spoke with agreed that the ranging is great, if not surprising, but it's the streets that people want made number one.

"The streets are just terrible here. I have lived here 19 years and they're terrible," resident Raymond Garcia said. "They take forever to do, so we can't force them to do them, either. So it's like we don't have a say."

Speaking of roads, WalletHub also came out with the best and worst cities to drive in, and Corpus Christi came out as the best in the country! And yes, the condition of our roads was taken into consideration in that study.