Corpus Christi (KIII News) — The City of Corpus Christi's new utility bill software has some homeowners saying their water bills have gone up significantly, and some gathered Thursday to voice their concerns.

Residents gathered Thursday at Brooks Ame Worship Center to discuss their experiences with high water bills -- some as high as $4,000. The costly measures have left some residents with no option but to turn their water off.

Due to the concerns from residents, the City is looking at technical aspects to make the corrections to the system and have it working correctly.

Pastor Adam Carrington created Facebook about the problem saying many of his members have experienced high bills as well.

Some of city council members at the meeting to listened and informed citizens that the city is not only looking at the technical aspects but the system as a whole

There were many questions and concerns at Thursday night's meeting.

"Someone's paying $200 next month paying $2000 was there not someone to see A, B flag it, and bring it to not only director of that department's attention but council's attention so really that bill shouldn't of gotten out period," a concerned resident said.

"Our water is cut off businesses don't get their water cut off, this is public situation. There's is a feeling that we as ordinary members of Corpus Christi don't matter," a concerned parishioner said.

"The city admits there's a software issue, why to make the residents of Corpus Christi pay for their mistake," Carrington said. "That is just not right you can't do that some of these people are seniors and a 1600 or 2000 water bill is ridiculous."

Council members want to make sure they know to correct the system to make it work properly.

Representatives from Infor Software have been in Corpus Christi September looking the problems.

According to Councilwoman Debbie Lindsey, the problem might not only stem from the software.

"Irrigation problem or leak that caused that variation," Opel said. "Somewhen to look and perhaps they had a meter change, and then you introduce a human factor and in a couple of cases the way the meter got set."

If residents have questions about a spike in their bill, city staff has access to any changes in water happening on day by day basis.

"So it will show if you're at a certain level here and all of a sudden there's a spike well that tells you something do you leak did something happen with your irrigation system if you have one," Opel said.

Any concerns brought back to the city from Thursday night's meeting will be reviewed and discussed with residents.

The City is bringing in a third party that has extensive technology experience to have another set of eyes review the problem. The City said they want to answer any questions residents may have on the water bill.

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