CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — If you get your water through the City of Corpus Christi, you may have noticed that the most recent water bill was significantly higher than usual.  Customers have flooded City Hall with questions about their bills. 

According to the City Water Department, the price is not a mistake because usage has gone up during the summer months.

City officials said people are using more water during the heat and with no rain, the majority of usage comes from people watering their lawns.

Back in December of 2019, the city started a new way of billing where they would charge customers for their actual usage not average. 

The change caused controversy after system issues caused some residents to be overcharged or not charged at all. Some residents reported their meters were reporting wrong numbers.

On Friday City officials said the bill comes down to people using more water. 

Customers came to City Hall to figure out what to do about the sudden hike in their water bill.

3News talked to Padre Island resident Eric Zargoni who said his latest water bill was $2,000.

According to Zargoni,  he doesn't have a pool and can't imagine using as much water as they say he's using.

"The previous bill. The one I had was $74, $12, $12 and $12. But I did request to check the meter," Zargoni said. 

Zargoni says the city told him there was nothing wrong with his meter and they found no leaks.

Customers can dispute their water bill if they think the numbers aren't adding up. During the time of the dispute, customers don't have to pay their bill but do have to pay their other utilities.

3News was informed that because the city received many complaints, they are temporarily waiving the bill, and they sent someone to read the water meter.

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