CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Members of the largest federal employee union held a rally Friday just outside the gates of Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi calling for an end to the ongoing partial government shutdown.

The American Federation of Government Employees, or AFGE, has more than 700,000 members around the country. The national chapter protested the shutdown Thursday in Washington D.C., and their Corpus Christi chapter followed suit Friday at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi.

All of the protestors shared the same sentiment -- they said the government shutdown is unfair.

Corpus Christi's AFGE President Kenneth Weeks said he felt the need to do something. He said he opposed the shutdown because it weakens the nation's defenses and requires people to work without pay, something he said is not right.

"We're not furloughing them," Weeks said. "We don't strike the government. We're not allowed to strike the government. The government shouldn't strike us."

Weeks said the AFGE is doing what it can to provide support via food banks, legal advice and other resources.