There was a full house Wednesday at Del Mar College's B.I.G. Event, B.I.G. standing for Booming industry, International trade and Government contracting.

Diana MacGregor, who helps run an oil services business, attended the event for her first time and said she has already made several connections. Robert Lott of Sec-Ops Security said he has attended all six B.I.G. Events put on by Del Mar College.

Lott said the business generated by the events can help save and grow a business.

"Anywhere from just doing small business at the $2,500 level all the way up to multi-million dollars," Lott said.

The keynote speaker for the event was John Mabry, who is heading up the Exxon project in Portland. Mabry said the event dovetails with the company's decision to extend their local business registration program through the end of the year.

"We've had over 400 companies that we've pre-screened," Mabry said. "We didn't know how many we were going to get, but we're very pleased with that. These companies are now eligible."

"We kind of devised this event to find a way to help our exisiting businesses have avenues to grow their business in the Coastal Bend area," said Ann Fierova, Director of Del Mar College's Small Business Center.

More than 150 business owners were in attendance.