CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Development Services Department in Corpus Christi hosted their monthly discussion on Friday morning.

Director Al Raymond said they usually talk about city codes, policies, procedures and almost everything that has to do with development in Corpus Christi. He said they started a task force to include other city employees in the discussion. 

During the meeting, different stakeholders, land or business owners and people in real estate were invited to weigh in on the subject. Raymond said their goal is to work together to continue economic development and improve Corpus Christi. 

"I'm wanting to be more transparent I'm wanting to be more predictable and I'm wanting to be inclusive so I need these people to be a part of that process so we can create something that works," Raymond said. 

The department is also looking to hire four new employees, Raymon added. In the future, he hopes to open smaller groups from the task force that are dedicated to certain parts of Corpus Christi and what residents are interested in, in that part of the city.

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