At 72-years-old disabled army veteran Strate Strates was so excited when he finally was able to buy a three-wheel electric bicycle so he could get down the street to the grocery store.

But last week his new bike was stolen right out of his garage, taking away his mobility.

"I've never had anything mean so much much to me as this did," said Strates.

We ran the story and the entire community reached out to donate money to get him a brand new bike and expensive motor, coordinated by two CCPD officers who also served in the military. But here's the thing...Bay Area Bikes and Green Volt Conversions decided to team up to create an even better bike for Strate than he had before, and at absolutely no cost.

"When I saw what he was asking for I said piece of cake let's do it," said Tom Neagli, owner of Bay Area Bikes.

So was time for the big reveal.

"Look at the size of this seat woo!," said Strates.

"What do you think? It's beautiful!" >

A brand new $1500 bike for Strate...

"It is red!"

...his favorite color and the color of his stolen bike. This one complete with LED solar lights, a basket, a flag and...

"Look I got a rearview mirror!" said Strates.

The police department was able to get all the money donated to his GoFundMe page to him as well...Strate brought to tears by the love and support from this community.

"It's unbelievable. I love Corpus. I've been here all my life."

So with that it was time to give it a go.

"Oh man!" said Strates while riding it for the first time.

All his neighbors out cheering him on.

"Got me a new one!" said Strates as he passed his friends.

And his first order of business...

"I can go get myself some pancakes in the morning. Or a taco!" said Strates.

A picture perfect day for the most deserving of heroes.

Briana Whitney 3 News.