Corpus Christi (Kiii News) — One of the great advances of modern medicine is vaccination against serious diseases. In fact the only great scourge of mankind that we have completely eliminated is Small Pox and that was done through vaccinations.

There are only two samples left of the virus, one in the US and the other in Russia. Vaccinations have also greatly decreased the number of children dying from a whole host of illnesses to

include Diptheria, Pertussis, Measles and Mumps.

These are easily recognizable as the illnesses that are prevented by the DPT vaccine, and the MMR vaccine that children are supposed to get. There are few reasons not to get vaccinated, medically speaking.

These include allergies to ingredients of the vaccine and certain medical problems. Because of the importance of vaccinations, any decision to not take them should be made after a detailed conversation with your physician.

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