BEEVILLE, Texas — It may not look like much right now, but over a century ago, the Medio Creek Bridge was the sole way to get from Beeville to San Antonio. The structure was built in 1897 for $3,990. Bee County Commissioner Dennis DeWitt said it was sent as a kit and built over the creek.

"What we have to remember, in 1897, there were no highways, there were Indian trails and ox carts," DeWitt said. 

The bridge was updated in the early 1900's and was last used in 1987. Commissioner DeWitt said a new bridge was constructed parallel to it so traffic could still flow through. Now, crews have started to clear overgrown brush and discarded tires from under the bridge. DeWitt said it all posed a safety risk. 

"I really, really like seeing our history preserved," he said. 

The Medio Bridge gained historical recognition over the years, which is why DeWitt and others have decided to preserve it.

"See what we have, we're listed nationally and statewide, as far as historical sites," he said. 

By maintaining the structure, DeWitt said in the future, they could apply for grants to restore and rennovate it. But, for now they're working to preserve the stories and history that surrounds the bridge.

"The local legend is Bigfoot is in the area and crosses this bridge," he said. 

DeWitt said the histoical marker sign was recently stolen and asked that the person who has it returns it to the Bee County Courthouse, no questions asked. For more history on the Medio Creek Bridge, visit this page

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