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Enjoy old traditions and start new ones while staying home for the holidays

If this pandemic has you putting some holiday traditions on hold, maybe it’s time to start some new ones.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — By now, we have all heard and will hopefully heed the advice coming from medical professionals: 

The safest and healthiest decision this year is to celebrate at home with those who live with you. 

But how you choose to do that, is up to you. If this pandemic has you putting some holiday traditions on hold, maybe it’s time to start some new ones. 

As someone once sang, “there’s no place like home for the holidays” – even if some of the magic has been compromised by COVID-19. But just because things may not look the same this year, doesn’t mean they can’t still be filled with fun. 

Got kids at home? Then how about beginning the memory-making by checking in on Santa. Just as they have done for the last 65 years, NORAD has launched its online radar and will track the Jolly Old Elf as he makes his way around the world. Visit noradsanta.org. There’s also a special number you can call to get recorded updates and, if you’re lucky, you may even get to talk to one of Santa’s helpers. 

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Once the sun goes down, you can hop in the car and check out some of the lights across the area. You’ll find some of the best in South Texas right here. If that includes a neighborhood near you, then button-up, mask-up and take a stroll down the street. You might even want to bring along some hot chocolate. 

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For many, the idea of not attending a religious service on Christmas Eve is akin to losing a piece of the Christmas spirit. Thankfully, some of the congregations who have moved their services online will be streaming this year. That includes places like Grace Presbyterian Church and the Corpus Christi Cathedral, among others. 

As for Christmas Day, two ideas: 

One, make it an-all day Christmas Pajama Party. No one says your time together has to be fancy or formal. You can even spend time dressing up the pets, if they’ll let you. 

Two, go ahead and break-out your favorite Christmas movies for a Christmas Day Movie Marathon. 

Whether you find them on free TV or through a subscription service, try to mix-in a few classics with some more modern favorites. It’s sure to make everyone’s day both merry and bright.

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