For today's Essential Worker's Segment, our Travis Green spoke with a HALO-Flight employee who shared what it has been like working through the unknowns of the coronavirus pandemic. 

"Working in Emergency Services for so long, you feel like you're pretty much immune to almost anything anybody's got, but this you're not. You know, it's a very new virus to the human species so it's, you don't know how it will affect you. You don't know if you'd be the person that handles it -- will have no symptoms or the person that gets really sick. So, you don't want to bring it home to your family, so you really got to be careful on docking your PPE”, said Keely Mazey, HALO-Flight Flight Nurse. 

Naturally there’s a bit of fear that comes with being in direct contact with those showing symptoms of COVID-19, but as time has gone on, Maxey says an emphasis on following protocol and learning more about the virus has eased the stress.

“It scared me because we also didn't really know. We just had really, really bad stuff at first and it does get bad. You don't know who's going to get very sick from it, and who isn’t. And now it's just you, you take the best precautions that you can you know. You do what you were trained to do and just be smart," adds Maxey.

A sincere thank you to all our EMS workers for all the bravery you have shown through this pandemic. 

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