CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — For our final Essential Workers segment focused on people working in grocery stores, we sat down with Paola Gonzalez, Service Admin at the H-E-B on Kostoryz.

Gonzalez has worked with the company for five years now and she says working through the coronavirus pandemic has been a gratifying experience.

“It doesn’t just feel like you’re going to work and getting your job done, it feels like you’re making a difference in somebody’s everyday to everyday life. And so that is special. For them to even give you three seconds of the day, just to say thank you, and that I appreciate you for what you’re doing, it makes your day even better. You’re like okay, I’m doing something for good," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said she believes it’s all made possible by the company's approach that makes the employees and customers feel safe.

"When you know you’re freaking out, but H-E-B has a way of calming you down, making sure everything is safe for the employees and for the customers. So, they’re just a calm for me," added Gonzalez. 

Of course, thank you to Paola and all grocery store workers in the Coastal Bend for everything you have done through this pandemic.