CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — For today’s Essential Workers segment, we are honoring medical workers. 

Our 3News' Chris Thomasson talks to a local family doctor that is still open for business despite the pandemic.

"All month long we’re honoring essential workers out there. This week we’re focusing on the medical field. I had a chance to sit down with family physician, Dr. Charles Breeling, who has remained open during this entire pandemic. He says he’s willing to treat you no matter what ails you have -- either big or small," says Chris Thomasson.

“Well the life I chose is treating people that are sick, and sometimes you put yourself at risk with that. But I’ve never been afraid about walking down that road ever, and no matter what they have, I’ll treat everybody to the best of my abilities. Of course, I will be cautious and take the precautions, but I’m going to treat everybody no matter what they have,” says Dr. Breeling.

Dr. Breeling says he is also accepting new patients. A special thank you to Dr. Breeling for everything he is doing.

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