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Experts urge homeowners to protect pipes, property ahead of winter weather

One expert says part of taking care of yourself is protecting your property. Among the most important things are your pipes.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Preparations are already underway across Southeast Texas. Experts says its best to start taking precautions before it gets cold.

If there's one thing we know about weather here in Texas, it's that things can change quickly. With the possibility of a freeze coming our way, now is the time to make preparations.

What looks like a picture perfect day in Beaumont, soon could be changing.

"If this materializes this could be a significant, a potential significant serious event." said 12News meteorologist Patrick Vaughn.

With the threat of freezing temperatures and rain in the forecast for later this week, items are flying off the shelves at M&D Supply.

"We are always busier when kind of these natural phenomenon occur. People are trying to take care of their self, and that is what we advise," said Frank Gutierrez, store manager at M&D Supply.

Gutierrez, said part of taking care of yourself is protecting your property. Among the most important things are your pipes.

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"Your biggest issues of going to be your pipes bursting, if you're pipes burst, you're gonna lose water in your house. That's going to affect your whole family," Gutierrez said.

Pipes can burst when temperatures fall below 32 degrees. So, the solution to that is making sure that they are wrapped.

"It seems like when it does happen, our phones will ring off the hook the next day,” Stoney Petit said.

Petit, owner of Anderson Homes and Southeast Texas contractor, says pipes are generally more vulnerable in older homes.

"An older home it up on a pier beam foundation, they have all those pipes underneath the house that they really have to worry about,” Petit said. “A newer house that's on a slab you have that one less wall that you have to worry about."

Gutierrez said it's also important not to forget about your pets and plants during this freeze.

"Your pets obviously are important to all of us, you wanna make sure those heated, if it gets down and too cold. Plants, anything it gets to freezing it can die and we wanna protect those as well," Gutierrez said.

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