It's been two weeks since the selection of the San Patricio site for Exxon-Mobil's plastics manufacturing plant. On Tuesday, "Gulf Coast Growth Ventures" made another big announcement.

Today, they announced a program to engage and work with a variety of local businesses during the plant's construction as well as after it's up and running.

Local businesses interested in working with the company, are being encouraged to go to their new website at where the application process begins.

Operations manager, John Mabry told 3 News, "what this does is allow local businesses to apply and get pre-screened for work with our prime contractors which will happen over the nine to twelve months."

The information is then sent to a 3rd party that will help with the pre-screenings.

The small business initiative is part of the company's good neighbor project.

A step in the right direction according to Foster Edwards, who is the executive director with the San Patricio Economic Development Corporation. Edwards said, "this thing they are talking about now, with hiring local contractors and people and suppliers, that is exactly what they said they would do. It's great, great for the community."

The company is looking for businesses for on-site work as well as off-site, everything from construction services, to catering, even office supplies.

Bill Decker with PostNet said he was, "very interested. I just saw the email this morning and I think it will have a big impact on our business."

PostNet is a small business in Portland that specializes in shipping and printing needs.

Decker said he sees the opportunities the good neighbor project would create.

Decker said, "I think its huge, because I think it helps grow businesses, help them succeed."

The deadline for businesses to apply is June 30th.