Port of Corpus Christi commissioners heard from Exxon officials Tuesday about their hopes of putting in a plastics manufacturing plant in Portland.

Exxon is looking at sites in Louisiana and Victoria, but say Portland is at the top of their list.

Commissioners heard about the 11,000 construction jobs and 3,500 in-direct jobs that would be created. They also addressed concerns about the location of the project.

It is a $12 billion project that would begin construction in 2020, with the plant up and running four years later and producing 600 permanent jobs.

There is a group in Portland that does not welcome Exxon and oppose the proposed location. The proposed site is on the west side of Highway 35, off Highway 181. It is a mile from Gregory-Portland High School and near an elementary school.

The group against it and a group in favor of the Exxon project voiced their concerns Tuesday evening outside of Gregory-Portland Independent School District's training complex. Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson went Live from that location with more details.