NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA — Jamie Gleason moved to New Hampshire barely knowing a soul. Jim and Michelle Butler changed that.

"They were just so welcoming, it was like open arms and it made me feel like I was home again," Gleason said.

When Gleason moved to New Hampshire as a teenager she took a job at a local watering hole in Rumney, the Butler's hometown, where a close knit family made her feel welcome, inviting her to family parties.

"Jim was super funny. Most nights when he would show up to the sports bar you would leave with your stomach hurting and your cheeks hurting from laughing so much," Gleason said. "He was just a super outgoing guy. He would talk to anybody. He was always the first one to strike up conversation and he helped everybody."

Gleason became close with Jim's youngest sister Stacey.

When Jim and Michelle Butler went missing while traveling the country, it left their small corner of New Hampshire clinging to each other.

"Everybody feels everybody's pain," Gleason said.

When the worst was confirmed…

"I did a wellness check with Stacey about every other day. I would just, like, message her and be like, 'Wellness check. I just want to make sure you're okay.' It's really hard. I can't imagine," Gleason said.

Gleason is now doing what she can to help by selling decals to raise money to bring the Butlers' bodies home. The decals will be available in businesses around Rumney.

The decals have one of the Butlers' favorite sayings on them: "Because nice matters."

Gleason said it's what she can do for the couple who gave her a home when she felt alone.

"I don't want them to be forgotten for the people that they are," Gleason said.