CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It's no secret that medical supplies are in short supply in light of COVID-19, and that includes face masks. That's why a local mother and her two daughters are taking it upon themselves to help out.

Since the demand for face masks became apparent on embroiderer Alexandra Shaw's social media feed, she and her two sidekicks knew they had to step up.

"You should give. You should give what you can, when you can," Shaw said.

For about a week now, Shaw said she and her daughters have been making face masks. So far they have made 42. 24 were delivered to a retirement home and the college of nursing over at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

"If it protects anybody, just even a little bit, or even bring some emotional peace of mind, it is time well spent," Shaw said.

Elizabeth Shaw, her daughter, said she isn't able to meet the people she makes masks for, but she knows they're in good hands because the masks were made with love.

"Something about it just makes me feel good," Elizabeth said. "Thinking what other people feel when they get it."

Alexandra said this new journey reminded her the joys of the little things, like spending time together.

"The one thing we kind of have right now, the one blessing, you can call it, is we have time together," Alexandra said.

And together you can make a difference in someone else's life.

"Who knows what you got lying around in a closet at home," Shaw said. "If you've got some resources and you feel inclined, other people should definitely reach out to others and, if you feel uncomfortable doing this and have the supplies, find somebody that can sew and that's willing to do it and just donate it."

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