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Family of missing New Hampshire couple speaks out to public

The couple from New Hampshire was in between jobs and decided to pack up their RV and spend a few weeks on the Texas coast.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The family of James and Michelle Butler is speaking out after two bodies were discovered south of Bob Hall Pier. 

According to Deborah Van Loon, she fears that the bodies discovered belong to her brother, 48-year-old James, and his wife 46-year-old Michelle. 

"Nobody could get ahold of them. We all started getting really nervous," Van Loon said. 

The couple from New Hampshire was in between jobs and decided to pack up their RV and spend a few weeks on the Texas coast. 

The last time Van Loon talked to her brother was Oct. 16.

"Loved to be comedic, you know he was always fooling around, horsing around, razing everybody, but that's his nature," Van Loon said. 

According to Van Loon, James was a 21-year navy veteran or TRG. James always dreamed of traveling the world with his wife.

"He decided you know what. It's time for me to do what I wanna do, and he started traveling. He went out west last winter all through the winter. They loved it," Van Loon said. 

The couple traveled to Texas to work on oil rigs this summer. After their job was done, the Butlers drove their RV down to Padre Bali Park.

"They had found out that you could park for free on the beach for two weeks," Van Loon said. 

The couple would never miss their calls with their children several times a week. 

"I said ya. We're all worried about him by now. On the 23rd, Michelle's daughter in law filed the missing person report," Van Loon said. 

There are new questions that have arise, where is the couple's RV?

According to Van Loon, sheriffs deputies told her they have footage of the couple's RV crossing over the U.S. Mexico border.

"They just said they could tell it wasn't my brother," Van Loon said. 

Van Loon and her family are now waiting to find out if the two people discovered in the dunes are her missing loved ones. 

"If it isn't them. That's a major coincidence. That's for sure," Van Loon said. 

If you may have any information, you are asked to call the Kleberg County Sheriff's Office at 361-595-8500.

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