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Feel sick? Get tested. Here's where you can still do so in the Coastal Bend.

There are several options for getting a COVID test here but it's important to keep in mind that in most cases, there is a cost involved.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — There is a lot of focus right now on the COVID vaccines and the need to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible, but most medical experts are also stressing the need for widespread testing as another helpful tool to keep the virus from spreading.

There are several options for getting a COVID test here but it's important to keep in mind that in most cases, there is a cost involved.  

One of the newer options to get tested was revealed Monday at 4401 SPID, which is directly behind Love Pre-owned Autocenter on Flynn Parkway and Corona Drive.

The Love Automotive Group has partnered with San Antonio based Davies Med Clinic to provide the expertise for this rapid testing clinic on wheels.

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It works this way:

When you arrive, you download an app on your phone and then after getting a nasal swab test, the results with be sent to your phone. The results will also show if you have the flu. 

"I think that duel is important because obviously then you know how to be treated, very different between flu and COVID. A lot of times we are so paranoid, if you sneeze, you think COVID," said Marion Luna Brem who is the President and CEO of Love Automotive.

The whole process takes about 15 minutes and it has a 96-percent accuracy rate, but keep in mind, the test is not free. The cost is $125.  

It's a price that adds up if you have a family that needs testing. For a family of four, you're looking at $500.

Keep in mind, this is just one option. It all depends on where you go and how long you are willing to wait for your results.

Something else to keep in mind, while the cost for testing should be covered by most insurance plans, some health care providers could add on a cost to administer the test.

Still, Dr. Salim Surani said the cost of getting tested outweighs what can happen if you don't.

"It's important that if you know someone who is positive and you have come in contact with them, and you are having symptoms in five days, there is a high chance you may be positive. It's very important that you do seek health care advice and get tested. As you can imagine the test could be cheaper than a visit to the ER, or getting hospitalization," said Surani.

He also said the sooner you are tested after possible exposure, the better.

"The thing is there are some therapies if started early can save your life," said Surani.

We did find other ways you can still get tested. There is a list of those options on the city's website. Some are by appointment only and others are open to walk ins so do your research ahead of time.

You might not realize that some of those options are free including mobile testing through Nueces County.

It's still being offered to the public Monday through Saturday at the old Memorial Hospital site.

Although you still have to register ahead of time, and it is the PCR test, so the results won't come back as quickly as the rapid.

While you will not be charged for the test, you should still have your insurance card ready so the lab can try to bill your insurance to help offset the cost of the test.

Other free sites include the Walgreens at 4501 Ayers as well as the Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation.

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