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Flour Bluff ISD's new supper program helps feed students after school hours

The program is also open to the entire community.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Many parents and students have heard of free and reduced lunch programs in schools. 

However, Flour Bluff Independent School District has a supper program that not only gives students the choice to eat healthier food after school, but gives parents peace of mind when getting off from work. 

3NEWS spoke with Flour Bluff ISD Nutrition Director Gina Valdez who said the amount of students who are participating in the free program have doubled in just three months. 

"At the end of the day there may not be an opportunity for someone to be home, to give them a meal," she said. 

Gina told 3NEWS that the supper program provides students with a safe space to eat dinner, along with providing enrichment activities for them as well. 

The program is also open to the entire community.

"They don't necessarily have to be a resident of the Flour Bluff. They can live on The Island, they can live closer by and they just have to show up," she said. 

To participate, you don't have to make a certain income. The only documentation the Texas Department of Agriculture USDA requires is the name of the student and their age.

Erick Martinez is the father of two Flour Bluff students who are currently enrolled in the program. He said that the program makes a large difference in the lives of parents who may have a busy schedule.

"When you come pick them up and you're not rushing to go get them some nuggets or some sort of fast food," he said. "You're able to pick them up and go run errands. They're not attacking the fridge the moment they get home."

Martinez told 3NEWS that he has been trying to get the word out about the program and has personally seen people follow suit.

"I myself have been trying to spread the word, you know, people that I know, friends, family, neighbors that I've been letting them know. I know quite a few of them participate now," he said.

Gina told 3NEWS that the program has managed to double their numbers from 4,000 participants to pushing 9,000.

This supper program is available Monday through Friday. As soon as class is no longer in session, students can enter their school's cafeteria where supper will be served. For students who are homeschooled they can enter Flour Bluff High School at 4:45pm.  The only information that is required is the student's name and age. For more information on how your child can be a part of the program, you can stop by the district's Central Kitchen. You can also call: 361-694-9034.

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