A Flour Bluff woman was left badly injured after being attacked by a pit bull, and now she's urging dog owners to obey the law and keep their animals restrained.

She said the attack on her could have easily been much worse.

Linda Elthridge was walking her normal route with her dog Buster Saturday morning when she came face to face with another dog -- one who would cause her serious injury.

"I take him out in the morning and night," Elthridge said.

Buster, a five-pound chihuahua, was at the mercy of a dog over 14 times his size.

"Out of nowhere I see this dog come and grab buster by his tail and swing him," Elthridge said.

Then, a border collie stepped to save the day.

"He came around and he butted the pit bull or pit mix long enough for me to grab Buster and I held him on my shoulder," Elthridge said.

Despite a neighbor trying to hold back the pit bull, the dog charged Ethridge.

"He came and charged and bit my leg; the back of my thigh, and at that point I was screaming bloody murder," Elthridge said.

Days later, Elthridge is still reeling from the scary encounter, saying she's thankful it wasn't worse.

"I could be crying because I have a dead dog," Elthridge said.

Right after the attack, Elthridge filed a report with Animal Care Services. She believes the neighbor who tried to restrain the pit bull may have been its owner. Since the event, she hasn't seen the dog.

"It was just shocking," Elthridge said. "I don't know what provoked this dog to do that."

Elthridge is now using her close encounter as a lesson for owners to keep their pets fenced in or properly restrained, because this dog is one of many that roam around her neighborhood.

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