Banquete (KIII News) — On Friday residents in the Banquete area are already feeling safer after road work reconstruction of a six-mile stretch of FM 666 is finally complete.

The reconstruction of the two-way lane road from State Highway 44 to FM 624 was an initiative put together by engineers from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Conditions on the narrow road were always a concern, but in 2016 after 17-year-old Kollyn Barton was killed in a car accident, it became a priority.

Business owners and resident explained what road safety meant for them.

"Every Time you barely got off road your car would leave the roadway. There have been numerous accidents out here where people have left the roadway and flipped the cars," business owner Traci Klepac said. "I feel safe on the road I feel I can turn into my driveway or my place of business without the fear of someone running behind me."

Reconstruction involved making the road wider and added shoulder lanes for drivers needing to turn down another direction or homeowners trying to get into their driveways.

FM 666 reconstruction was completed just last week. Crews are now finishing last minute touches such as placing up mailboxes on the homes along the road.