CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Corpus Christi food truck is cooking up a sweet treat for those in need.

Kluckies Chicken and Waffles gave out free meals to the homeless at the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. 

According to Rene Soto and his girlfriend Monica Salinas, they wanted to satisfy Corpus Christi's sweet tooth and what better way to do that then chicken and waffles.

Five weeks ago the couple opened up their food truck Kluckies which turned out to be an instant hit around Corpus Christi and decided they wanted to celebrate their success by giving back.

"We see the homeless like all the time, and we understand that not all of them are in that position willingly right, so there are many veterans out there," Soto said. "We need more people trying to make a difference and if Kluckies Chicken and Waffles can help us make that difference. We are all for that."

According to Soto, everyone deserves a sweet and savory treat. 

Kluckies gave away between 20-30 plates.