Some good news to report on the condition of a man who was stabbed as he stepped in to try to stop what police say was an shoplifting attempt.

The good samaritan's name is Ronny Fritz. After spending just over a week in the hospital he was released Monday. He is still undergoing rehab for his injury.

It was on July 2nd when Fritz witnessed the alleged crime at the Lowes Home Improvement Store on Airline. Fritz released this statement monday evening:

"When I decided to intervene last Sunday, it was not about stopping theft. I had no idea the man was a shoplifter. I did not even know he was armed. I just saw a belligerent person assaulting an employee and another customer who had come to his aid. For me, the decision to do something was never about stuff, which is replaceable. It was about people, who are not, and this man was hurting other people."