CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — This week there have been reports of dozens of green sea turtles being stranded up and down on Coastal Bend shoreline from Packery Channel to Port Aransas.

According to experts, the turtles are getting stranded in much higher numbers than usual because of our strong winds and tidal conditions.

Officials with the Ark said the green sea turtles usually feed off algae and seagrass on the rocks, but because of the weather conditions, the animals are having a hard time fighting the current and returning to sea.

The turtles are around 2 to 3-years old and are being found at the Packery Channel South Jetties as well as at the Port Aransas South Jetties. 

Various agencies including the Ark and the Padre Island National Seashore have been rescuing the green sea turtles.

In just the past three days the Ark has rescued up to15 turtles. The Ark check what condition the turtles are in and give them the time they need to recuperate. 

"There's been a couple that has come in that was beat up by the rocks, so they might need a few antibiotics, that could take maybe two weeks. As long as we see healing happening then they'll be released," program coordinator Alicia Walker said. 

Once the rescued green sea turtles have made a full recovery, the Ark plans to release them when weather conditions improve.

Green sea turtles are a threatened species, and placing them back into the water could cause them more harm.

According to the ARK, if you see a green sea turtle in the water, on shore, or the rocks immediately report it to the turtle hotline number 1-866-turtle-5 at for further guidance.