Next time you think about parking in a handicap spot illegally think again. A team has now gathered to start finding violators. It's been over a year since the city had an actual handicap parking enforcement team. Saturday, a police officer gave a 4 hour instruction class to the Corpus Christi Citizens Police Academy Alumni. This group of volunteers is trying to get up to Parr with the new state guidelines. They tell 3 News illegal handicap parking has been a growing problem everywhere and volunteers are stepping up to try and hopefully stop the problem. After this training, these 16 volunteers will submit to an extensive FBI background check and within a month they should be out on the streets looking for violators.

The volunteers will be issued city drivers licenses and use city vehicles to look for handicap violators. In previous years just with a day of patrolling the volunteers issued over 30-40 tickets a day. Tickets for first time violators will be no less than 500 dollars and could even go higher. They hope offer another class during the summer as more members sign up.