Emergency crews were called to the area of Sedwick and Clarkwood roads Tuesday morning for a HazMat incident involving a hydrogen sulfide leak.

Authorities said a survey worker for a transmission line company may have been exposed to Hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, and transported himself to the hospital.

According to the OSHA website, "Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, flammable, extremely hazardous gas with a "rotten egg" smell. It occurs naturally in crude petroleum and natural gas, and can be produced by the breakdown of organic matter and human/ animal wastes (e.g., sewage). It is heavier than air and can collect in low-lying and enclosed, poorly ventilated areas such as basements, manholes, sewer lines and underground telephone/electrical vaults."

A crew was sent to locate the leak and did pick up readings of H2S. They said it could be a hole left by an animal, and they are continuing to test it.

Officials said there is no threat to the public, and that the hospital said the worker is okay.