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Health authority provides details regarding autopsy results of Nueces County infant diagnosed with COVID-19

Nueces County Health Authority Dr. Ramachandruni the cause of death was from coronavirus complications and bronchial pneumonia was listed as another condition.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Nueces County health officials confirmed Tuesday, the death of a 6-week-old baby boy on July 10th was indeed the result of COVID-19 complications.

The findings came from the final autopsy report just released by the Nueces County medical examiner.

"The cause of death is from the medical complications of COVID-19 viral infection," said Dr. Srikanth Ramachandruni, Local Health Authority with Nueces County.

The official cause of death confirming what health officials originally suspected that the death of a 6-week-old baby was linked to the coronavirus.

"The medical examiner found microscopic blood clots, in the lungs, spleen, and pancreas consistent with COVID-19 complications," said Dr. Ramachandruni.

The findings from the autopsy report came two months following the tragic death of the infant.

The baby was taken to the emergency room at Driscoll Children's Hospital back on June 30th with a fever and congestion. He was found to be positive with COVID-19.

The baby was treated with antibiotics, responded well, and ultimately released from the doctor's care.

"At home approximately a week later, 911 was contacted by the family and reported the baby was unresponsive. The baby was not able to be resuscitated and was later pronounced dead," said Dr. Ramachandruni.

Health officials said the autopsy report took time to complete in order to confirm the cause because while the infant tested positive a week before his death, another test postmortem was negative.

"The time of it is we also need to make sure we have to be safe with the toxin, the COVID situation, so they need to take the proper precautions and test the samples. You have to test every pathology sample from each and every organ tissue, and verify whether if it's COVID or not," said Dr. Ramachandruni.

The baby is the first child to die with COVID-19 in Nueces County.

Health officials continue to stress the importance of practicing good habits like wearing a mask and washing hands to protect other babies and small children while in public.

"Babies, we all know when a baby is born, they are a vulnerable population. They don't have all their antibodies and all their immunities built up yet," said Annette Rodriguez, the public health director for Nueces County.

Rodriguez said if you must go out, leave the baby or child home with another member of the household if you are able to do so.

If not, she said make sure to protect them with social distancing measures and keep their strollers covered with a sheet or blanket. Just be sure to check on them.

Also, as we near fall and winter seasons, experts want you to consider getting a flu shot.

"You don't want to confuse the situation with the fever, all the symptoms that are overlapping with the COVID, that will create a chaotic situation," said Dr. Ramachandruni. 

Dr. Ramachandruni says the more people who get a flu shot help take the flu out of the equation.

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