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A look at the homeless tent city in downtown Corpus Christi

It's setup along W. Broadway St. and Parkers Alley just down the street from Solomon Coles High School.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Believe it or not, there are dozens of tents that the homeless folks have set up in one Corpus Christi neighborhood. Mayor Paulette Guajardo tells 3News she is going to have a meeting about the issue this week.

The huge homeless tent city is nowhere near any visible bathroom or showering facilities. It’s setup along W. Broadway St. and Parkers alley just down the street from Solomon Coles High School. It’s right next door to homes and businesses.

"It’s definitely a challenging issue," City Councilman Mike Pusley said. "We realize there are individuals who are located in these camps who are doing that because they want to and they are not seeking help they are not asking for help. They like the lifestyle they’re living but we can’t have them camping out in areas of our city like they’re doing."

Pusley said the city has known about this tent city for sometime. He said the city has been trying to decide what to do about the problem.

"We are not trying to allow this to go on longer than we have to," he said. "Our big challenge right now is trying to find the appropriate place where we can relocate these individuals and provide them with a reasonable shelter and hopefully we can get that done very soon.”

He also said the city does have some money to use to find a facility for some of these people to move into. But no matter what happens, he said this tent city can’t be allowed to stand.

"At the end of the day, we want to clean these tent cities up if you will and those people there are going to have to realize they have to follow the law," he said.

Until a solution is found, this homeless tent city will apparently continue to be allowed to operate.

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