3News has learned more about State Rep. Todd Hunter's sudden departure as a guest speaker at this week's LULAC state convention. It about the recently passed SB4, also known as the Sanctuary City Bill.

"We're concerned about the fact that Latinos across the state could be stopped by police and asked to see their ID, and yet the same treatment wouldn't necessarily happen to rest of the Texas population," said Brent Wilkes, National Executive Director of LULAC.

Hunter, a Republican, voted for it along party lines.

"We didn't think it was appropriate to have someone who was a representative who supported SB4, helped get it passed in congress, to come and speak to this convention," Wilkes said.

In fact LULAC is suing the State of Texas, calling SB4 unconstitutional and discriminatory. The State is counter suing.

When national LULAC leaders found out Hunter was set to speak at the state convention, Hunter was uninvited.

Not everyone is in agreement with LULAC's move.

"We have to look at the individual," said Dr. Nick Adame, a local representative of LULAC.

Adame believes Hunter should not have been asked to remove himself as a guest speaker.

"He supports local organizations and he's one of the greatest advocates we have for higher education. To uninvite him, I think, was a move that national took against really talking to us about it."

Wilkes said there are groups calling for boycotts against the State of Texas for the passage of SB4, some calling for moving LULAC's national convention out of San Antonio. Wilkes said once the matter is settled in the courts, Hunter will be welcomed.

"If we're able to defeat the bill in court and move on from SB4 in the future, certainly we hope Representative Hunter will work with us in the future in other issues," Wilkes said. "But in this particular case, this issue is still too raw for us to, you know, move on at this point."